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Puppies from litter S and thier first snow. ♥

TYCJAN Osemit FCI and a lake and a forest.

TYCJAN Osemit FCI x PROCA-FILOSKA Filos and STOKROTKA Rębieski Gaj, thier daugther . ♥

Puppies with mum.♥

SALVADOR Rębieski Gaj,

puppy form litter S.

First grafting.

Puppies have 6 weeks. 

Salvador Rębieski Gaj. 

Cutiest ♥

19.06.2018r. was born Greats Pyrenees puppies. Happy 13!  Parents: 

Fuerza Mahatma La x Miralles du Mas de Beauvoisin. ♥

Now we have puppies of Great Pyrenees 
 Litter F (06.05.2019) 

All information:

Litter F